Our competences


As a full-service property developer, we take responsibility for the entire process. Our skills span widely. From project development to intelligent urban and planning development, to the construction of new buildings and commercial properties to sale and rental of the finished building.



It takes experience, perspective and vision of future purpose to develop new, well-functioning neighbourhoods. With our many years of experience in the industry, we have the necessary knowledge and excellent understanding of political and administrative technical terms and a well-developed relationship with the municipalities, giving us the required expertise when preparing new framework conditions and building regulations for local plans.
When we develop new neighbourhoods, we want to do more than simply start a new project. We also want to set the agenda.


We have extensive experience of developing for others, and manage the entire value chain for our investors; from analysing and identifying project opportunities to delivering buildings that are ready to move into. We assess the market and consider a number of conditions; we possess not only the necessary knowledge for developing the optimal home or commercial property for the area, but also consider how the project will contribute to the local urban environment, and how we ensure that it is well received by the local community.

We welcome foreign investors when they want to come to Denmark, and help put together the right investment package. With our extensive experience, we can help ensure international investments, which we adjust to meet the special values and conditions that apply to the Danish market - and always in the same high quality that we have been delivering for 30+ years.


To create something. To give it a shape. To let it grow. Yes, development is beautiful. But we don't just develop for development's sake. We do it because it has a purpose, we want it to do something. For example, we want to create buildings that are nice to live in. We have many years' experience of this type of development and within all types of property projects. And we are, of course, part of the entire process: from idea for a new area to delivery of the property ready to move into.
In AG Gruppen, we know what we want. But we also know how to listen to others. In fact, when we're developing something, we spend a lot of time listening. This is when we hand-pick the advisers who are best for the task in hand and work with them to complete the project as optimally as possible. With thought for the property's location, local area and customer's needs. It's what we call project development with meaning.



In fact it's our job to take on the whole thing. That's why we're part of the entire journey, from start to finish - we get involved in everything. From purchasing the building plot to developing the local plans, to the construction itself and final approval before delivery. By doing things this way - via consistent project management and quality control - we can guarantee that we deliver on time at the agreed quality and without any nasty surprises when it comes to costs.

As we insist on being involved throughout the entire process, we can't just sit in our office. That's why our building management is always present on site, where they oversee two things: Firstly that the legal requirements for safety on the building site are complied with, and secondly that both the aesthetics and quality meet our standards. Are we detail freaks? You bet! And proud of it too. It's our job.


Who are we? How did we start? And what does our bottom line look like?

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