What we can do.

Core competencies are elements you can always point out. Of course, we also have these in AG Gruppen. Or rather, we have one. Project development. From a to z. We develop everything from suburbs to homes, managing the construction along the way and taking care of the sale to the future resident.


Project development with meaning

Creating something. Giving it shape. Letting it grow. Yes, development is beautiful. But we don’t just develop for the sake of development. We do it because it serves a purpose, because we want to do something with it. For example, we want to create buildings that are nice to live and work in. We have many years of experience in this kind of development in all kinds of property projects. And of course, we are involved throughout the entire process: from the idea development of a new area to the delivery of the turnkey construction.
In AG Gruppen, we know what we want. But we are also good at listening to others. In fact, we spend quite a lot of time doing this when we develop. We handpick the most suitable advisers and consultants and we work together to solve the project in the most optimal way. Taking into consideration the property’s location, local area and the customer's needs. That's what we call project development with meaning.

Doing it properly

Our most important task

It is our job to take care of just about everything. That is why we are involved the whole way, and we are involved in all decisions - big and small. Right from the purchase of building plots and the development of local plans to the actual construction itself and approval of the final finish before handing over. By doing this - through consistent project management and quality control - we can guarantee that we will hand over on time, at the agreed quality and without unpredictable additional costs.

As we insist on sticking our noses in pretty much everything, of course we can’t just sit in the office. Therefore, our construction management is always present on the actual site, where they ensure two things: partly that the legal requirements for building safety are met, and that both aesthetics and quality live up to our standards. Are we sticklers for detail? Yes! And we are proud of it. This is our most important task.

Intelligent urban- & plan development

Urban and plan development takes time. A long time. Often, the framework in the municipal plans have to be changed, before creating a new local plan for realising the construction, and underway several strategic partnerships have to be created, and you have to collaborate with authorities, investors, landowners and users. And this requires a number of special core competencies, as well as a well-developed understanding of political, administrative, legal, constructrual, architectural and economic conditions.
In short: there is a lot to sort out. And that is totally fine with us. Urban and plan development has become one of our specialities over the years, where we have acquired and refined the necessary skills. And, yes, the other things are also sorted too: we have a professional organisation with a strong leadership, a healthy network, a robust economy - and a pretty good nose for value creation.

Project sales and the smell of a new home

It is a very special feeling when you put the key in the door, open it up and step into the newly built apartment. Your apartment. The untouched floors. The fresh panels. The switch you press for the very first time. And then the smell that meets you – these are the things you don’t forget for a long time.

There are many emotional arguments that speak for project sales, and they are not to be sniffed at. But there are also some more rational arguments. For example, the fact that you don’t have to think about maintenance for the first many years. That you have a low energy consumption. And that you can put your own stamp on the property through choice of materials, kitchen elements, floor types and more. Is there anything missing? Yes, the soul. That’s your job.

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