Created with consideration.

Since 1986, we have developed more than 7,500 homes and commercial properties. But our basic principles remain the same. Read more about them here.


The art of setting standards

”See your city from the top of the tower”. The bird’s eye view. The buildings’ connections to each other. The roads, the paths, the parks, the people. The big picture, the overall context. That overall view is important. But it is equally important to zoom in: the individual building, the individual apartment, the individual room, the individual corner with the individual joint, where two panels meet in the best possible way.

We are known for focusing on minute details. And that we’re proud of. If details are not considered, they can spread and grow into serious problems: from the individual corner to the individual room to the individual apartment to the individual building - and on to the full bird's eye view, where everything is blurry. In this way, insignificant details can grow pretty large. Which is why we never cut any corners.



We often enter into partnerships with others, but that doesn’t mean we let go of the reins. It is our responsibility to ensure that our high quality standards are always met. This is why we are involved in every aspect through the entire project – right down to the individual window hinge.


Some things are exciting here and now. Look at that, you might say, and shake your head ten years later. The ‘look at that’ effect means nothing to us. We are not interested in fads. On the other hand, we do make sure that we’ll build something that you won’t be shaking your head off in 10 or 100 years’ time.


The beautiful thing about people is that we can stop and reflect. Where are we going? What do we want to do? And how can we do it all a bit better? You should regularly ask yourself questions like that. At least we do - especially when we develop properties.


It's about creating space for people. People who live, breathe, work. The person is always in focus. Always. Or, at least, that is how we think it should be.


Sustainability in two ways

Firstly, we do things properly by creating something that lasts. Secondly, we choose everything, from building materials to construction methods, with consideration to ensure we look after the climate and our environment.

Among other things, we are working to ensure that several of our future buildings will be certified by DGNB gold.
We do so because DGNB's overall understanding of sustainable construction fits exactly with our own perspective on sustainability.


Let’s just call it soul