About us

Our cornerstone.

We build from the heart. And with our brain. This enables us to create quality properties with space for people - while also having a healthy bottom line.



AG Gruppen is a privately owned company that has been building homes since 1986. Back then we were known as Arkitektgruppen, and our first project was 23 detached houses in Højby on Funen. Since then, we have created more than 7500 homes and commercial premises, and today we are around 80 employees spread across our head office Hollufgård in Odense, sales offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and our many building sites across the country.

But even though we have grown from being project developers and turnkey contractors to now offering full-service property development, our DNA remains the same: We are passionate about what we do, we think carefully, we keep our word and we never do anything by halves. This goes for all our activities, from construction company to investment relations to strategic partnerships.


In AG Gruppen sustainability is not a buzz word. On the contrary, developing new sustainable solutions is an important focus area for us. We were the first in Denmark to build major residential projects using upcycled building materials, and our goal is for all our future construction to be sustainability-certified or built using the circular economy mindset.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are delighted to be able to achieve many of the sustainable ideals and ideas that have long been demanded in the industry. It enables us to convert our experience of residential construction into new and exciting homes. Homes that people can live in, but which are also sustainable to the benefit of the environment and without compromising aesthetics, functionality or quality.


For us, sustainability isn't just about certification and circular construction. It's also about building high quality: building something that lasts - even in 100 years time. Quality has always been a cornerstone in AG Gruppen's projects. So even if we build sustainably and develop new solutions, sustainability will never happen at the cost of other qualities needed for excellent construction. We don't cut corners - we deliver on all levels.

A good example of construction that lasts is our head office in Hollufgård in Odense. But we can't take the credit for that. Hollufgård was made from recycled materials from the old Hjallese church in 1577. However, the property is still going strong and is a daily reminder that sustainability and quality go hand in hand. It's what we call created with care.


We have built a strong market position over the years. Not least because we supply buildings of a high quality - at the agreed time and price. We are AAA-rated and deliver excellent results.

In 2018 we turned over DKK 695.2 million with a profit of DKK 81.8 million, and a net worth of DKK 311 million as per 31.12.2019.

Annual report


"See the city from the top of the tower." The bird's eye perspective. The connection between the buildings. The roads, paths, parks, people. The bigger picture, the overall context. These things are important. But it's equally important to zoom in: on the individual building, the individual apartment, the individual room, the individual corner with the individual join, where two panels meet.
That's the level of detail we're known for being passionate about. And that's something we're proud of. If this isn't in order, then we're in trouble. From the individual corner to the individual room to the individual apartment to the individual building - and so on until the bird's eye view where everything floats. This is how an insignificant detail can grow to enormous proportions. And that's why we never cut corners.



We enjoy working with others, but that doesn't mean we let standards slip. Because it's our responsibility to ensure that our stringent demands for quality are always met. And that's why we are part of the process, from start to finish - right down to the individual window sill.


Some things are exciting right now. Look at that, people say - then shake their heads 10 years later. The look-at-that effect doesn't impress us. We don't follow fads. We believe in building something that people won't shake their heads at in 10 or 100 years.


The beauty of being human is that we can think things through. Where are we going? What is it we want? And how can we do it better? Questions we should regularly ask ourselves. Questions we make a point of asking - especially when developing properties.


It's about creating space for people. People who live and work. People are the main focus. Always. At least that's what we believe.