Our foundation.

We build with our hearts. And with our brains. In this way, we can create quality properties with space for people
- and still have healthy figures on the bottom line.


Let’s just call it soul

One of the best things about people is that they are almost always striving to achieve a goal. It's dreaming. It's enthusiasm for something. Something that has to be changed, something that has to be improved. If you lose that passion - the soul, if you like - yes, you might as switch off once and for all.
But being committed and passionate does not mean that you can just bulldoze your way thoughtlessly through. If you do that, it will all go wrong. You have to stop and reflect along the way. That combination has certainly worked for us.

Who are we

Arkitektgruppen is a privately-owned company that has been building homes since 1986. Our first project was 23 detached houses in Højby, Fyn. A lot has happened since then: today we have about 70 employees divided among our head office Hollufgård in Odense, at the sales office in Copenhagen and out on our many construction sites nationwide.

Our portfolio includes over 6,000 homes and commercial premises, but the starting point is still always the same: we are passionate about what we do, we reflect about what we do, we keep our word and we never do things by half. This applies to all our activities, from project development and construction company to buying and selling property.

Good old-fashioned sustainability

In AG Gruppen we do things properly. Not only concerning the construction of the properties, but also when it comes to the building's impact on the surrounding world. In this way, we work actively to create a construction that can support something, in two ways. Firstly, we do things properly by creating something that can last, even in 100 years. Secondly, we choose everything from the construction materials to transport mode with consideration to ensure minimal impact on the environment and the climate.

We can’t take credit for our fine, old headquarters, Hollufgård. But it is actually a very good example of sustainability. Hollufgård was made of recycled materials in 1577. The materials originated from Hjallese church, which was built in 1183. That was quite some time ago, and the building is still in excellent condition. Preserved. There might have been a few changes along the way, but still impressive.

A financial perspective

Over many years, we have established a strong position in the market. Not just because we deliver buildings of a high quality - at the agreed time and price. We are also aaa-rated and deliver strong results.

In 2018, we had a turnover of dkk 483.7 million, with a profit of dkk 77.1 million, and a net capital of dkk 273 million as of 31/12/2018.

Annual report

Green smiley and good working environment

In AG Gruppen we strive to ensure a good working environment. Both for our own employees as well as the craftsmen who work on our construction sites. We show this to the outside world by i.e. The green smiley we have been awarded by the danish working authority agency for our good working environment.

But even more importantly, we show it internally in the organisation every single day by taking good care of our employees. We make sure there is plenty of space and freedom to have fun, thrive and develop at work. And there also has to be space for a life outside the workplace - we know this creates the happiest employees.


See what we can do

We develop. We build. And we deliver the turnkey constructions. At the agreed time, price and quality.

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