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A home is not a plug and play package that you can buy, but something you have to create yourself.
And to do that, the framework has to be in place. That’s the part we take care of.



Ved Engen

4600 Køge


Rooms 3

Size 114

Price 5.250.000

Property type Ejerlejligheder

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2450 København SV


Rooms 2 - 5

Size 72 - 180 kvm

Price fra 2.449.000

Property type Ejerlejligheder

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5000 Odense C


Rooms 4

Size 149

Price 4.900.000

Property type Ejerlejligheder

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Jens Hjernøes Vej

8700 Horsens


Rooms 3 - 5

Size 127 - 172 kvm

Price 2.895.000 - 7.295.000 kr.

Property type Ejerlejligheder

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  • Viewing

    If you are interested in a project home, you can contact the estate agent for a viewing. The display home is designed to give you the best possible impression of your future home, showcasing the home’s kitchen, bathroom area and various samples of wooden floors and tiles. In addition, 3d visualisations are made of the future homes, which create the optimal impression of your future home even if it has not been built yet.

  • Sales prospectus & website

    The sales prospectus and website will contain the most important information about the property, the architects, the layout of the home and a description of the local area's amenities. If there are several home types to choose from, the sales prospectus will provide you with an overview of the different options, so you can find the exact home that best fulfils your wishes and requirements.

  • Buy early in the construction phase to get more choices

    Buying a project home gives you the opportunity to influence the décor and material choices in your apartment. Such choices usually include floors, bathroom tiles, kitchen unit design, etc. Your possibilities for individual selections will be indicated in the sales prospectus for each project.

  • The purchase agreement

    Once you have found your dream home, a purchase agreement will be drawn up. The agreement is entered into with both legal and bank reservations, so that after signing you have the opportunity to review the agreement with your lawyer and get your bank to approve the purchase. You also have the right to cancel your purchase at no cost until 6 working days after the agreement has been signed.

  • Payment of the home

    Once you have signed the purchase agreement, you have to deposit a small proportion of the purchase price, and within 8 days of the seller's signature, you must provide a bank guarantee for the remainder of the purchase sum. If you change your mind about your purchase before the 6-day cancellation deadline, you will of course be refunded the deposited amount.

  • The legal side of the purchase

    When you purchase a project home through AG Gruppen, our lawyer ensures the legitimacy of the transaction. We make sure that the deeds and other legal documents are in place, just as we are responsible for the formation of owners and/or house-owner’s association. We organise the first general assembly and ensure that all necessary documents are registered. The only cost incurred by you is the registration of the deeds of your new home.

  • While we finish building your home

    Our own project teams are present at the construction site from the first shovelful of earth, from where they manage and coordinate the construction of the property and ensure that our high standards of quality and aesthetics are always maintained. Throughout the entire construction phase, we will regularly update you with the progress of the building by sending emails with news and other relevant information, and you are of course always welcome to contact our sales department if you have any questions during the construction period.

  • When we hand over the property to you

    Before we hand over your new home, we thoroughly check your property for any faults and deficiencies. We additionally go through the property with you and together will draw up a delivery report that will bring any deficiencies to our attention. You also have the opportunity to complain within 14 days if you find further faults or deficiencies in your home during this period.

  • Reviewing the property after 1 & 5 years

    After the construction is completed, we will conduct 1- and 5-year reviews in accordance with AB18. This ensures that any faults and deficiencies that are covered by our warranty, but only discovered after long-term ownership, will be remedied without extra costs for you.

Why buy a project home?

There are many advantages to buying a project home. First of all, it's brand new. Secondly, you can have an influence on everything from the kitchen design to different types of flooring. And don’t worry: we'll be there to help and advise you all the way; from the first considerations of buying until you take over the turnkey construction. But looking at this site is an excellent starting place. This will help you get to grips with the basic things you need to know when buying a project home.




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